Good oral health is a part of good overall health. Regular oral and dental checkups are important factors in preventing and correcting possible problems. You should have a dental checkup approximately once a year, because cavities can emerge without any symptoms at all.  Your Hammas Mehiläinen dentist is the best expert in regards to your oral health and thus our services include a call to a periodic oral health examination, as agreed upon. In addition to your teeth, the Hammas Mehiläinen dentist checks the oral mucosa, the general functioning of the teeth and possible gum problems and estimates potential future problems.  Your patient relationship with your own familiar dentist is the best maintenance treatment for your teeth and it also leads to a decrease in the cost of the dental care, as the need for treatment decreases.

General dental care includes all ordinary dental treatment procedures. Our special dentists are responsible for more demanding procedures and treatments requiring special expertise. Our dental hygienists are professionals in the preventive care and early treatment of oral and dental diseases. They perform tartar removal and treat gingivitis, and provide at-home treatment tips suited just for you.

At the Hammas Mehiläinen clinics, the general dentists, special dentists, dental hygienists and dental nurses form a treatment team, which offers you the best possible care.

You can make an appointment for a check-up via our booking number at +358 10 273 8000. Our clinics use Kela’s direct-reimbursement system, so there is no need to apply for compensation separately.