Hammas Mehiläinens’ reception at Hyvinkää operates in connection with the Mehiläinen medical center. The reception offers extensive dentist and dental hygienist services.

The Hyvinkää reception is located in the shopping centre Willa, on the 3rd floor. The reception can be reached by bus or train. The bus station is along the main street Uudenmaankatu. From there, continue for approximately 500 metres to the east, along the main street towards the railway station. After the railway bridge, the street becomes Hämeenkatu.

When arriving from the south, the train stops at platform two. When getting off the train, turn south and take the stairs to go up to the railway bridge. When arriving from the north, the train stops on platform one. Continue walking towards the south and take the stairs up to the railway bridge from the platform. From the railway bridge, turn left towards the east.