Hammas Mehiläinens’ reception in the center of Oulu is a full-service reception.  Hammas Mehiläinens’ reception and dental laboratory in Oulu are both located in connection to tje Mehiläinen Oulu medical center in Kauppurienkatu 9.

Directions to the reception:

When arriving by foot/bike, the reception is located to the right, when looking from the corner of Stockmann towards the shore, next to Stadium.

Driving instructions to Kivisydän parking, where you can drive in and out via two routes:

  • Hallituskatu 1, the Tori (market square) ramp is located in the shore of the square in Hallituskatu: turn from Aleksanterinkatu to Hallituskatu, where you can see the red frames of Tori ramp
  • Hallituskatu 20, drive to Hallituskatu ramp from Uusikatu, from the corner of Otto Karhi park

Guidance in Kivisydän:

  • Take the ticket from the gate when driving in and if necessary, select the destination from the screen, and the Kivisydän monitors will guide you close to the selected lift connection

Lift connections from Kivisydän to the dentist centre:

  • Without map guidance: Pallas, Kauppurienkatu 9
  • Guided driving connection: select Stockmann from the map
  • Park the car close to the Pallas lift connection
  • There is a direct connection from the parking area to the dentist on the 5th floor.

Registration for the dentist’s appointment

The dentist’s reception is located on the 5th floor.

More information about Kivisydän parking