It is difficult to estimate the cost of all the stages of various dental procedures without proper examinations. For example, a simple case of a fractured tooth with required corrective measures can vary a great deal, depending on the case. In the long term, the costs for dental care are influenced significantly more by apermanent, established dentist relationship than the cost of a single procedure. Regularly cared for teethremain in better shape. The Hammas Mehiläinen dentist knows the status of your teeth better than anyone,and is, thus, able to evaluate the need, extent and costs of the required procedures or set of procedures.

At the Hammas Mehiläinen clinics, we aim to provide high-class dental care and ensure its best possible availability. Good dental care includes a meticulous check-up and required X-rays for the purpose of compiling a written cost estimate and a treatment plan, if needed. Regular check -ups and quick appointments in acute cases are an integral part of our maintenance care services.

The price of a dental examination at the Hammas Mehiläinen clinic is €65 (€49.50 after the Kela compensation). The price of a panorama X-ray image at most Hammas Mehiläinen clinics is €88 (€79 after the Kela compensation).

If you cannot make your appointment, please cancel it by noon during the previous workday at the latest. For an appointment cancelled later than this or for an uncancelled appointment, we reserve the right tocharge as follows: €60 for a 30-minute appointment and €80 for a 60-minute appointment.


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