A dental hygienist is an expert in the promotion of oral health and the early treatment of dental and oral diseases. A dental hygienist is part of the treatment team at the Hammas Mehiläinen clinic, and he or she is responsible for the maintenance of oral health and especially for the prevention of gingival problems:

  • removal of tartar and the treatment of gingivitis, which are part of the prevention of gingival diseases
  • fluoride treatments to prevent cavities and shooting pain in teeth
  • individual guidance on at-home care and home-care equipment, based on the situation and needs
  • cleaning of stains on teeth and whitening treatments, and the attachment of dental jewellery (not compensated for by Kela)

The treatment provided by the dental hygienist is based on a treatment plan devised on the basis of a dentist’s examination, and therefore the dental hygienist’s treatment is eligible for compensation by Kela.

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