A dental laser can be utilised in various ways for preparing fillings, root canals, gum surgeries, and gum reconstructions. Use of the laser in dental care enables a quicker, less painful, and more reliable treatment than previously. Laser treatment has also helped many patients recover from their fear of the dentist.

In laser drilling, the laser beam sweeps along the surface of the target tissue. The sensation of pain and vibration related to conventional drilling is completely missing. The laser pulse is so short in duration that the patient’s pain nerves do not have time to react to the pulse. Most patients do not need any anaesthesia with normal cavity-filling procedures. When using a laser, the separate chemical acid-etching treatment required by plastic fillings is also not needed.

Use of the laser beam is hygienic, as the laser itself kills bacteria on the teeth that are being treated. This reduces the use of chemicals and promotes the healing of tissue after surgeries. Extended courses of antibiotics are no longer necessarily required as aftercare.